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    Počasí Bakov nad Jizerou - Sluneč

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We invite new members for all the activities we offer - enjoy sports and relax in our club .

The whole building is a non-smoking place, except the area outside.

In the Escape from Boredom portal award competition Famozclub won the 2. prize in the category Fitness and Sport - come and try our facilities or just relax in the pool or sauna.

     Famoz club Zvířetice can boast about its´ originally decorated gastronomic facilities where you can enjoy Czech as well as international cuisine with a chance to use the front garden restaurant which also cyclists may appreciate.
     Interesting interior motives evoke the atmosphere of a beautiful morning with a rain-bow on one side but also of a walk in the woods or even dark lightning sky on the other side. The dancing quier corner brings us to the wooden dance floor in the middle of the restaurant. The large telescreen above the bar catches eye as well as the stone chimney does and creates a pleasant atmospehere for everyone.



We offer accommodation in 16 coloury original appartments that arouse the feeling of home comfort for 2, 4 or even 6 people. All this on health beds or doublebeds and further 2 people on a fold-out doublebed. There is WC and bathroom, plus partial kitchen with minibar, all available in standard. Whirlpool bath and Wifi internet, TV or telephone service are above standard.


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