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 Aktuelle Wetter


Wir laden neue Mitglieder für alle verschiedene Aktivitäten ein - genießen Sie Sport oder nur Entspannung in unserem Klub .

Das ganze Gebäude ist Nichtraucher-Platz, außerdem draußen des Objekts.

Im Wettbewerb vom Portal Escape from Boredom Famozclub hat den 2. Preis in der Kategorie Fitness und Sport gewonnen - kommen Sie Sport zu treiben bzw. nur im Pool oder in Sauna sich zu entspannen.

Club cards

    Dear customers,
this year we prepared a loyalty program for you in form of the Famozclub facilities cards. It is directed especially for our stable customers who will be able to use the club card upon the payment at each visit of our sport facilities. Card holder may use the club facilities with a discount of 5 and more % from the facilities´ charges (discount varies for each card type – see below).This discount does not apply to services already discounted (individually agreed prices, etc.) and neither to credit card payments nor to the restaurant or bar services. Each interested person (individual/company) can ask for the club card via email, telephone, or directly at our reception, just fill out the contact form (see the conditions below).
Each member must meet the conditions and comply with the club Club Regulations.


        Card type



GROUP 1 - VIP cards
Requirements and conditions:

15% discount from facilities´ charges
After spending 10.000,- CZK at our club


GROUP2 - Hotel guests
Requirements and conditions:

5% discount from facilities´ charges
When staying minimum of 4 nights at our club hotel


GROUP 3 - Group cards   
Requirements and conditions:

10% discount from facilities´ charges
After spending 5.000,- CZK at our club


GROUP 4 -Family cards
Requirements and conditions:

20% discount from facilities´ charges
10 entries to pool, sauna, courts, fitness (1entry=2hours)
2 family members – 3.500,- CZK
3 family members – 5.000,- CZK
4 family members – 6.500,- CZK + each additional member 1.500,- CZK


GROUP 5 - Individual cards
Requirements and conditions:

discount 5% and more from facilities´ charges
For certain number or certain combination of entries (eg. 10 x court - 2.200,- CZK, or 10 x pool - 1.100,- CZK, or 20 x court - 4.000,- CZK, etc.)

  How to gain the club card

 -          fill out the contact form
 -          issuing the card for free



To get a more detailed information contact us on

773 660 550, 604 244 120 or see

In case of a lost card a fee for issuing a new card is 50,- CZK.
Owners reserve the right to make any changes in the club cards´ usage. We also assure that the contact data is only instrumental to the Famozclub administration purposes and will not be passed on a third person.


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